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    Special, unique, fine, we go one way fastener industry

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    Special, unique, fine, we go one way fastener industry

    release date:2014-12-23 00:00 Source:http://www.judymerrilllarsen.com

    Under "machine parts industry revitalization plan" guidelines, the fastener industry to tackle tough, firmly grasp the domestic market, relying on the development of the automotive, high-speed rail, shipbuilding, advanced manufacturing, IT and electronic appliances and other major emerging industries, always put innovation and transformation as the focus, unremittingly adjustment of product structure, to achieve steadily.

    2011 is China's "Eleventh Five-Year" ending of the year, the Chinese government still insists active loose fiscal and monetary policy, adopted a series of new initiatives to promote economic development, the Chinese economy sustained rapid development, promote domestic demand The strong growth.

    "The reason why exports surged, due to the impact of the financial crisis in 2009 and the EU anti-dumping, export volume of China's fastener called the history of the lowest, only 1.61 million tons." Mr JIN Feng explained.

    From the total sales and production, the total sales in China and Japan close to $ 9.375 billion, respectively, and $ 9.69 billion, but the total sales is 6.2 million tons and 2.87 million tons. "That is our biggest export tonnage of fastener products, but the added value is the lowest, so be sure to work hard on the technical content of the added value of export products." Mr JIN Feng stressed.

    He told reporters that, after several years of industrial transformation, restructuring efforts and rapid development of Korea fastener industry allowed shocked. He had visited two South Korean factories, a company with more than 200 employees, and its sales of 600 million yuan, per capita labor productivity was 200 million, another company of more than 300 employees created more than 10 billion yuan sales, which means 2.5 million yuan per capita labor productivity. "Workshop almost all of automated production."

    At the same time, high strength, non-standard shaped products has also been rapid development, close to the total market Liucheng. "Greatly improved the industry in 2011 the average price of the product."

    The worry is that micro and small enterprises and more dispersed, low value-added products, excess capacity, and many companies dumping, the market is not standardized, enterprise less competitive.

    "Specialized Tejing is a way to go in our industry." Mr JIN Feng said, "First, I want companies to be able to upgrade to the 500,000 to 1 million yuan per capita labor productivity, just over one million yuan, enterprises can participate the ability to market competition. "

    Mr JIN Feng believes that the industry in the development of a five-year mixed. The joy is that industrial concentration has increased, leading enterprises to maintain a rapid growth, the emergence of Jin billion, Changshu over 10 billion enterprise; at the same time, there have been Ningbo Jinding, Shandong high strength, Shanghai Biaowu, Zhejiang Zhapu and a number of over 500 million yuan of business; and nearly 200 million businesses.

    2010 China's imports grew 32.26 percent fasteners; imports value increased by 26.51%, the average price of imported products is 6.6 times the average price of export products.

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