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    On the development of metal fasteners industry issues and strategies

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    On the development of metal fasteners industry issues and strategies

    release date:2014-12-23 00:00 Source:http://www.judymerrilllarsen.com

    International standards fastener products are metric and imperial standard two relatively independent standard system. Metric standard namely European standards, international ISO, the EC standard DIN EN standard and France dominated. American Standard Americas, namely standard system, the American Society for Testing Materials ASTM, SAE Society of Automotive Engineers Standards and Technology Association of America IFI Fastener Standards-based (British Standard to ASTM, SAE-based).

    As a first fastener manufacturing country, our producers Jiuzhan battlefield, indeed gone through hardships, to the WTO since 2008, overseas frustrated, suffered enough, although a small achievement, but still can not get rid of "indigestion" "foreign non-rival" the embarrassing situation, the key issue is the international standardization strategy.

    Specifically, first, the lack of comprehensive industry standards, and second, as a supporting member of the fastener industry, an important part of industry and the enterprises themselves positioning is not accurate enough, in other words between the host companies and the presence of long-term conflicts, unrelated The pattern of state. This is our fastener industry has failed to break international barriers out of the world, the crux of the war heroes, but also we lost the biggest obstacle to foreign brands.

    Standard industry products there is a gap

    Take the domestic and foreign industry standard comparison, not difficult to find there is a big gap between the two. Far material standard hardware fasteners, the domestic product standards generally do not set specific material grades, only the chemical composition requirements specified mechanical performance levels required, compared to the individual, such as American Standard ASTM standard will be on specific material grades were specific provisions. Since there is no corresponding domestic grades of steel, with the international standards can not be accurately docked, exports will naturally bring some difficulties. Although some domestic enterprises have begun to realize this, we have developed a new steel fastener standards abroad, but this is only a small step forward in the process of international standards to be in the industry to promote and perfect.

    Role domestic fastener itself there is a deviation

    Has been the domestic fastener business to their own position is not very clear, blind production, product support docking and the lack of cooperation between the host companies. You can say the vast majority of domestic fastener business products are mass-produced only in accordance with uniform standards, do not care about their own products on the market can meet a host of products supporting the blind pursuit of their own factory capacity, and thus tightening piece became "universal" brand fasteners, however, supporting the application on the host machine stability will be difficult to guarantee.

    Compared with foreign brand products, we are missing is the "single-minded" and "dedication" when it comes to this issue, I very much agree with OEM development mode of construction machinery industry expert Mr. Wang Changjiang mentioned this idea in the fastener industry the same applies, that is, the aforementioned metal fastener manufacturers need to host corporate networking may be one, even many supporting production.

    I think to get our fastener industry international campaign battlefield, war heroes, the first "forage" first, which is the industry standard for sound, and a host of enterprises to take to help the Union, combined with its own technology to enhance the quality in order to win their own piece country.

    Twelfth Five-Year approaching, self-reliance, create novelty, always stand on the forefront of the industry in order to see the beauty of the infinite. Master the rules, is the assault weapon.

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