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    2011 China top ten news event recalled screw industry

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    2011 China top ten news event recalled screw industry

    release date:2014-12-23 00:00 Source:http://www.judymerrilllarsen.com

    Looking back end of the year, although in 2011 China's fastener industry is facing inflationary pressures, inflation, financial crunch, steel, energy and other production materials price fluctuations, labor and environmental protection and other difficulties, but the momentum is still turbulent, let's take a Recalling the top ten news event screw industry:

    Event One: March 28 China on the EU fastener case to appeal to the WTO

    EU fastener case ruling of the World Trade Organization (WTO) to appeal WTO ruling because it failed to consider the full support of China. WTO ruling in December 2010, the EU condemned the Chinese-made screws and bolts to impose anti-dumping duties. These fasteners used in automobiles, household appliances and machinery manufacturing industries. The case is the first time China-EU trade disputes to WTO, China has achieved a great victory results. Ruling limiting the EU to China is not a free market economy by tariffs on Chinese goods and the practice.

     Event Two: May 12th South China iron or steel bolts and nuts to make the final ruling of anti-dumping sunset review

    South African International Trade Administration Commission announced that, on the origin of final anti-dumping sunset review system in China's iron and steel bolts and nuts: to continue to impose anti-dumping duties on the product concerned, which, for imports from China thread diameter greater than or equal to 6 mm, less than 36 mm hex nuts of iron or steel (except dome without metal insert nuts, stainless steel nuts, used only or mainly for other than aircraft nut and coupling nut) 122.7% levy anti-dumping tax on steel imports from China bolt system (stainless steel bolts, bolts used only or mainly for aircraft, from Ningbo Jinding Fastener Co., Ltd. (Ningbo Jinding Piece Company Limited) other than the production of bolts) 55.4% levy anti-dumping duties. The products involved customs codes to 7318.16,7318.15.

    Event three: 16 June 2011 Shanghai fasteners professional exhibition and the Second Shanghai Automotive Fastener Fair opened

    The three-day '2011 Shanghai fasteners professional exhibition and the Second Shanghai Automotive Fastener Show' on June 16-18 was successfully held in Shanghai Everbright Covention & Exhibition Center! Show in terms of size, quality and quantity or invite professional audience, as well as exhibition of innovative thinking, it is a qualitative leap. Exhibition area of 20,000 square meters, more than exhibitors (about 750 standard booths) 400; exhibitions include: fasteners, molding equipment, tooling, surface treatment, stamping parts and lathe exhibits and raw materials. Day extension attracted nearly 12,000 professionals at home and abroad to come to the exhibition, procurement.

    Event Four: July 5 Beijing Metro Line 4 escalator accident or caused by two bolts

    Beijing Metro Line 4 Zoo Station Port A sudden upward escalator malfunction. Resulting in a passenger died, 30 passengers were injured. Beijing subway elevator tragedy. After preliminary investigation, the direct cause of the accident was "due to the fixed parts damage, escalator drives the host shift occurred, causing the drive chain off, escalators decline '. The role of small fasteners Qi big, carrying countless lives. How to produce more secure elevator, how to care and maintenance elevator parts, fasteners are Chinese fastener enterprises and elevator companies should ponder the question.

    Event Five: July 7 Pinghu City Fastener Industry Association aimed against the established high-end fasteners

    July 3, Pinghu City Fastener Industry Association inaugural meeting was held. The Conference adopted the "Pinghu City Fastener Industry Association constitution", "Pinghu City Fastener Industry Association financial management system", the meeting elected the first session of the Council, Wu, chairman of Zhejiang Zhapu Industrial Co., was elected as president of its law.

    Event Six: July 15th country to prosecute EU carbon steel fasteners anti-dumping measures case eligible favor

    July 15, the WTO Appellate Body released Chinese sue EU anti-dumping measures carbon steel fasteners ruling report, finds that Article 9 (5) separate tax law on breach of WTO rules the EU "anti-dumping basic regulations"; At the same time, the Appellate Body overthrow the ruling part of the expert group, to support China's stance, ruling the EU anti-dumping measures against Chinese screws, nuts, bolts and other carbon steel fasteners implemented in the domestic industry finds that a fair comparison of normal value and export price, etc. also in violation of WTO rules.

    Event Seven: July 23 '723' motor car rear-end accident Wenzhou fastener enterprises affected by the impact of high-speed rail

    After the '723' Wenzhou motor car rear-end accident, the high speed rail operations and investment rate double down. Jin billion industry September 6 announced no more than 1.5 billion yuan of non-public offering plan. But investors hold their new projects obviously expectations are not high, issue price of 11.91 yuan on the first trading day will be solved quickly see the light after it.

    Event Eight: August 10 General Machine Components 'second five' development plan released

    That is commissioned by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, compiled by the China General Machine Components Industry Association's "General Machine Components Industry 'second five' development planning", it has passed the experts organized by the Ministry of Information Industry and the demonstration, review and approval, family planning is now incorporated into the machinery industry by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Equipment Industry Secretary, and officially released, and in the organization and implementation of industry-wide implementation.

    Event Nine: Anhui Province Fastener Industry Association aimed at the establishment of high-end development

    Anhui Province Fastener Association Conference and the establishment of the first members of the General Assembly on August 28, 2011 was successfully held in Hefei national garden cities. The successful holding of the inaugural meeting of the Association is undoubtedly another milestone in the development of fastener industry in Anhui, Hefei is also an important starting point for the fastener industry efforts to promote high-end area of development.

     Event X: 2011 Fastener Expo Jiaxing China opened

    October 14, Jiaxing is concerned, is a special day, because the long-awaited, highly anticipated 2011 China (Jiaxing) Fastener Fair opened this morning at the International Exhibition Center in Jiaxing, Jiaxing City, now also has a an influential country fair fastener industry.

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